The Kettle Valley Model Railway Club

The Kettle Valley Model Railway Club held its first meeting on March 20th 1988. It is dedicated to capturing the spirit and atmosphere of the KVR. Work on the layout began in the fall of 1989 and it was “finished” in December 1993. Since then work has been on going, and each year there are new improvements and additions to the model.

The 46’ x 14’ layout is constructed in HO scale, on board the cargo deck of the S.S. Sicamous, now landlocked on the shores of Okanagan Lake. Most of the buildings were scratch built by members. The trestles, bridges and two boats and all the trees were handmade. There is approximately 500 feet pf track, and members have invested well over 6,000 hours in the construction.

The model represents the KVR during the height of its activity in the 1930’s a period of intense activity on the Okanagan Lake and on the rails of the KVR.

Steam was the mode of power and the model train shows steam at its finest. The HO steam locomotives pull consists of CPR rolling stock, loaded with the produce of the valley. Passengers wait for the train as it pulls into the station at Brookmere. Logging operations depict the harvest from our forests. Yards show the maintenance of locomotives as it took place in Penticton, and freight trains are made up on its sidings. The Trout Creek Canyon Bridge and the Myra Canyon trestles are represented, and you can view the trains as they travel over these magnificent structures.

Featuring prominently in the layout are the stern wheeler S.S. Sicamous, and the tug S.S. Naramata. Both are docked at the wharf which was located near the present walking pier by the Lakesire resort. Trains were brought up alongside the ships on the dock. Here passengers could make an easy connection between boat and train.

Much of the funding for the construction of the model has been donated by the members of the Kettle Valley Model Railway Club, together with community supports, grants and contributions from visitors. Sincere appreciation is extended to all who have supported this project.

The Kettle Valley Model Railway Club have created an attraction of significant historical and educational value, to go hand in hand with the historic stern wheeler. Together they depict how life was in our valley as it developed prior to World War II. The displays are open to the public on a year round basis.

The Kettle Valley Model Railway Club holds meetings Tuesday evenings on board the S.S. Sicamous. Visitors are welcome. For more information call 250-492-0403.

The Model Railway

A scale model of the Kettle Valley Railway – For the young, and the young at heart.


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