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The SS Sicamous is the largest surviving stern wheeler in Canada.
The ship is now a museum, wedding venue and must-see tourist attraction. Find us on the beach in Penticton, BC.

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The S.S. Sicamous Stern Wheeler (Penticton, BC)

The SS Sicamous is the largest surviving stern wheeler in Canada. The ship was launched in 1914 and served remote communities along the shores of Okanagan Lake, long before the motorways were built. Passengers, mail, equipment, livestock and even cars were transported on her decks. The Sicamous was an important part of life in the Okanagan valley, and helped to shape the communities that we know and love today.

The S.S. Sicamous Marine Heritage Society

The S.S. Sicamous Society is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to preserve and protect the marine heritage of the Okanagan.

The Society was founded in 1988, to preserve the SS Sicamous, and protect it from slated closure. Later the society began acquiring other vessels and structures that were in danger of disappearing. Today the Society works to preserve and communicate this unique chapter in Okanagan and Canadian History.

Funds raised go directly to the repairs and restorations on board the S.S. Sicamous, and the other ships in the heritage park. Work is undertaken by a team of dedicated volunteers who are on board Monday to Friday, putting their skills and experiences to good use.


SS Sicamous Penticton Museum and Okanagan Tourist Attraction.


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