Elevator Access For the SS Sicamous

The installation of an elevator is something that has been discussed by our members, volunteers and supporters for a very long time. Its installation was a huge step for us. The funding awarded has allowed our Society to make progress that is meaningful to our guests and their families. This project was also especially important to us, as it means that we can accommodate the changing needs of our community. Thank you for making this project possible.

Construction of the Elevator and Platform


What has been the impact of this project?

Visitors with disabilities are now able to visit the primary areas of the museum, located on the second level of the ship. By providing additional funding  for the elevator, supporters have helped to remove a key barrier to access, and visitors with disabilities can now visit and enjoy this unique part of their heritage.

The future impact of this project

When groups from senior’s homes come to visit, we will be able to provide them with a full tour of passenger levels of the ship. Local residents are now able to experience the museum for the first time. Grandparents are able to tour the upper deck with their families. Visitors that have recently undergone operations no longer need to struggle up the stairs. Newly engaged couples will be able to include elderly relatives in the wedding celebrations. Elderly mourners are able to attend memorial services, without needing to consider access. Visitors with reduced mobility can participate in community events. Long-time donors and supporters of the ship will be able to see first-hand the restoration and improvements that their donations have enabled, even if their health makes stairs a challenge. Children with disabilities will be able to accompany their classmates on school tours of the ship.

Now that this project has been completed, we will need to maintain the equipment, which will be budgeted for and financed through fundraising and admissions income. Without the grant we would never have been able to attempt a project on this scale. Impact will be felt for many, many years to come.

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