Newly Painted Tug Boat Number 6

Canadian National Tug Boat No. 6 is a diesel powered tug boat. It was operated by Canadian National Railways Company on Okanagan Lake. The tug was launched in 1948 and transferred railway barges between Penticton and Kelowna. Tug Boat No. 6 was the last tug boat to operate on Okanagan Lake, and its retirement in 1973, marked the end of an era in the valley. The Tug was moved to Penticton in 2007, to rest alongside the Stern Wheeler SS Sicamous, and the Tug Boat Naramata.

Canadian National No. 6 is now in the care of the SS Sicamous Society. Volunteers are out on the tug every week during the summer, working in the engine room. The generators are now repaired, and are able to provide electricity throughout the tug. The next project is repairing the main diesel engine.


Progress on Tug Boat Number 6:

Repainting the Exterior of the Tug, to return it to its original colours

Construction of a floating dock to allow easy access for the Volunteer Crew

Winterizing and Re-Opening the tug each spring

Cleaning the interior cabins

Cataloguing the collections, and moving them the Stern Wheeler SS Sicamous for safekeeping

Repairing the Engines so that electricity can be generated for the lights.

Working to Repair the Primary Engine

Newly Painted Tug Boat Number 6

Happenings on the Decks and in the Engine room of Canadian National Tug Boat Number 6

The Tug 6 Volunteer Crew

Raymond Belanger
Doug Callahan
Alex Carolo
Dave Morgenstern
Paul O’Neil
Don Reid
Dan Reilly
Adolf Steffen


If you would like to learn more about Tug boat number 6 and the work that is being done inside, just send us an email. We will be happy to help. Contact us today