Spectacular Inside and Out

The ship is looking fantastic, inside and out. Now that the decks have been replaced, and waterproofed, work has begun on the inside of the ship. Our designer, Ted Senior has been hard at work creating displays, and recreating life aboard the Sicamous. He has been focusing on areas of the ship which were inhabited by the workmen and crew. The chefs kitchens are filled with pastries and fruit, and the crews mess is finished, complete with girly pictures. Even the purser’s office has had a makeover and there is plenty more planned for the upper decks.

Ted is a very talented designer who we have borrowed from the Penticton Museum. He has just finished a new exhibit over there, “You are Here”(which is very impressive, and cleverly put together, featuring rooms from the houses of several Penticton families).

There is plenty of work going on, with the crew working to get the boat ready for the 100th Anniversary celebrations next year.  Once the boat is open in May you should definitely come down and explore!

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