Sicamous Society is a Volunteer Led Non Profit in Penticton BC (Canada)

About the S.S. Sicamous Society

The SS Sicamous Marine Heritage Society is a non-profit organization. We are based in Penticton, BC (Canada), and are led by a team directors, and dedicated volunteers. Our crew works year round to ensure that the ships are cared for. The Sicamous Society is based inside of our namesake (the SS Sicamous Stern Wheeler). The office is on the ground deck, in the old “Mail and Express” room. We have a full time staff, and a team of volunteers.

Funding is from a variety of sources. The museum is owned by the City of Penticton, and they provide partial funding for day to day operations inside of the Heritage site. We also gratefully acknowledge the support of the Community Gaming Foundation, as well as many other charitable foundations, donors and supporters. Revenues from admissions, weddings and events also form a very important part of our funding, and allow the Society to continue in our mission.

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Founding the S.S. Sicamous Society

Founded in 1988, volunteers have donated thousands upon thousands of hours to this worthy cause. They work tirelessly to this day to restore the vessels in the park, and make the museum enjoyable and informative for all that visit. Over the years the scope of the society has increased, with several other heritage lake vessels now in their care, but the aim of the society remains the same. Our mission is to preserve, protect and promote the Marine Heritage of the Okanagan valley. It is a big job, and the crew like to joke that it will never be finished, but we have come a long way. We hope to go much further.

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About The S.S. Sicamous


The SS Sicamous is a luxury passenger vessel that was used to transport passengers and cargo to remote communities along the shores of Okanagan Lake. The ship was launched on May 19th 1914 from the Okanagan Landing Shipyards, at the north of the lake. The Sicamous travelled from Penticton to Okanagan Landing with 14 scheduled stops throughout. Her luxury and beauty attracted crowds at each dock, while travellers experienced elegance in dining and service renowned by Canadian Pacific. The ship is a now preserved on the shore of Okanagan Lake, and is cared for by the SS Sicamous Marine Heritage Society. It is a unique part of Okanagan history and heritage.

Learn More about the SS Sicamous Stern Wheeler


Other Ships in the Care of the S.S. Sicamous Society

Here is a list of other heritage vessels and structures that can you can find in the Heritage Park:

the SS Naramata Tug Boat


The Naramata is the only steam tug in the interior of B.C. She was launched in 1914 and transported rail cars and barges from communities all over Okanagan lake. With a reinforced steel hull, the Naramata was able to break a path through thick ice on the lake, for other vessels to follow during the harsh winters. Retired in 1967, the Naramata was tied up for many years at the Okanagan Landing Ship Yards, before being taken home to Penticton in 1991.

About the S.S. Naramata

Canadian National Tug Boat No. 6


Canadian National Tug Boat No. 6 was a tug built in England in 1948 by Canadian National, CPR’s rival company. She operated on Okanagan Lake until 1973. Like the SS Naramata, she transported fruit, mail, and other freight by barge from the communities along the lake to Kelowna, where it was loaded onto Canadian National trains and transported to Vancouver. Canadian National No. 6 was towed to Penticton from Kelowna in 2007, where it joined the SS Sicamous and SS Naramata. No. 6 is the only vessel at the Heritage Park that was fueled by diesel instead of coal.

About CN Tug Boat No. 6

About The SS Okanagan Stern Saloon


The SS Okanagan was a sister ship to the SS Sicamous. Constructed at Okanagan Landing and launched in 1907 (7 years before the Sicamous). She offered spacious and luxurious passenger accommodations. The SS Okanagan was retired in 1934 and sold for scrap and spare parts. The Stern Saloon (a back room from the upper deck) was used as a beach hut for several years before being discovered and rescued by the Sicamous Society. It was moved to the SS Sicamous Heritage Park in 2002. The SS Okanagan Saloon will be undergoing restoration work later this year, thanks to a recent $10,000 donation from the Oktoberfest Society.

About the S.S. Okanagan

About The Dredge Shed

There is a large white building in one corner of the Heritage Park that has been named “The Dredge Shed”. This sits at the mouth of where the Penticton River used to run before the construction of the river channel. The building used to hold equipment for the dredge boats, which would dredge the bottom of the river to prevent flooding. It is now a heritage structure that houses many of our restoration activities.

About the Dredge Boats and Shed

About The War Canoes

The SS Sicamous Society recently added four antique War Canoes into the collection. War canoes could once be seen in use up and down the Okanagan Valley. In spite of their name the canoes were actually used for racing, and could seat a team of 12 rowers. The canoes are in the process of being restored.

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