SS Sicamous Heritage Park

Hold your wedding ceremony and wedding reception on the SS Sicamous Stern Wheeler, beside the beautiful Okanagan Lake, in the heart of wine country

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 SS Sicamous Heritage Park

A Premier Wedding Venue

Say your vows on board BC’s largest surviving stern wheeler, with stunning views and a backdrop of the glimmering Okanagan Lake. A wedding on the SS Sicamous is nothing short of magical.

 We would be happy to set time aside to invite you for a personal tour of the SS Sicamous, to personally show you the ship and discuss your vision for your big day.

 The SS Sicamous is offered for the entire day, for the wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the SS Sicamous?

The Sicamous is the largest surviving stern wheeler in Canada. It was used to transport passengers and cargo to remote communities along the shores of Okanagan Lake. The ship is now open as a heritage site, tourist attraction and premier wedding venue.

Why choose the SS Sicamous for a Wedding ?

  • The SS Sicamous is offered for the entire day (for the ceremony and reception)
  • Every booking includes a Professional Wedding Day Coordinator for the entire day (from Vines and Vows Weddings + Events).
  • This is a truly unique venue (the largest Stern Wheeler in Canada) with awesome photo opportunities at every turn.
  • Bar Service is entirely at your discretion (your choice of wine and beverages, with no corkage fee! )
  • A selection of hotels and motels are within easy walking distance from the venue.
  • Guests are not confined to the Reception, and are free to roam through all 4 decks of this popular tourist attraction.
  • Vineyards are a short drive away for wedding photos, and the Rose Garden and beach are just outside.
  • The interior is stunning already, so few decorations are needed. (This helps the budget, and allows you to focus on other aspects).
  • Funds from your Wedding go directly to a local charity (the S.S Sicamous Society) to protect Okanagan heritage.
  • Tables, white wedding chairs and sound equipment are included, and will be set up for you by the SS Sicamous Crew.

How do I book a tour?

We would be happy to set time aside to invite you for a personal tour of the SS Sicamous. Just send a quick email, or give us a call at 250-492-0403. We are flexible, and can accommodate most busy schedules.

What happens on the day of the Wedding?

We close the doors to the public, so you and your guests will have private use of the ship for the entire day of the wedding! Guest can roam the passenger decks, relax with a glass of wine, or admire the displays and model railway. Because you have the ship for the entire day, we are able to host your wedding ceremony and reception. The ship also provides many unique and magical opportunities for photographs, so you can make the memories last.

Will there be other Weddings on the same day?

That’s a good question. Many venues will host multiple weddings, but not us. We only ever hold one wedding per day (and rarely more than one per weekend). The entire ship is reserved for you, and your guests, so you will have the entire space, and all of our attention 🙂

How many guests can I invite?

The SS Sicamous can comfortably seat up to 100 guests for a formal dinner, and up to 148 guests for a cocktail style wedding reception.

Can I choose an “Outside” Caterer?

You can have your pick of the vendors and caterers that the South Okanagan has to offer. We can provide a list of recommended caterers to get you started. (As long as you have a licensed caterer for the Reception Dinner we are happy!) Take a peek at the recommended vendors list: Popular Wedding Caterers

Is there a Corkage Fee?

Nope. At the SS Sicamous you will have complete freedom to decide the wine, drinks and cocktails that your guests enjoy. There is a heritage bar located in the forward saloon, where you can serve drinks and delight your guests!

What is a Wedding Day Coordinator?

The Wedding day Coordinator will help to run the entire wedding day (and the rehearsal!) and will make sure that all of your hard work and plans are executed smoothly. This means that you can enjoy yourself and relax, with more time to spend with friends and family. They are included with each and every booking at the SS Sicamous. Learn More

Can I see pictures of other Weddings?

Absolutely! Please click here to visit the SS Sicamous Pinterest Page.

What is it like on board the ship?

The Sicamous is a beautiful heritage venue, which we have worked to restore to its full glory. The ship has three decks, and a pilot house. The ground deck (also known as the cargo deck) is where your guests will enter the ship. They will walk past the large steam boiler and the engines, and take in the unique atmosphere of the venue. The cargo deck also houses a model railway, which is always a favourite with children (from ages 2 to 92), which can be explored before and after the ceremony takes place.

The upper decks are where most of the action happens. They are the passenger decks, and are surely the most luxurious area on board the Sicamous. The gentleman's saloon is covered with plush red carpets, and a large gilt mirror hangs above the grand staircase. In the dining saloon the deck stretches out, with ample room for dancing, while light shines through coloured glass windows set into the roof. The ladies saloon is often a favourite with guests, and is located at the back of the ship. It is decorated in duck egg blue, with wicker furniture which is perfect for lounging in.

View a guide to the different rooms and wedding areas

  A Guide to the Ship

Take a sneak peak inside of the SS Sicamous with a Google 360° tour of each room

   Explore Inside

Where is the Ship located?

The SS Sicamous is on the beach in Penticton, with stunning views of Okanagan Lake. The ship is alongside the Penticton Rose Garden, with a small private beach behind the ship.  A rock groin behind the ship extends out into the water, and makes for truly magical photos, as does the old willow tree beside the beach. MAP

Where do we hold the wedding ceremony?

The vows can be said on the Grand Stair Case, at the bow of the ship, or on the beach in the Heritage Park. It all depends on the number of guests, and your visions for the day.

What happens if I plan to have my ceremony outside and it starts to rain?

The interior of the Sicamous is reserved for you for the entire day. If the weather turns wet, we are happy to provide the alternative venue for your wedding ceremony.

Where do we hold the wedding reception?

The wedding reception is held in the dining saloon, on the second level of the ship. We provide the tables, chairs and sound equipment, and will set them up for you. To learn more please click here . You can also see sample table set-ups and diagrams, and examples of real weddings.

We have elderly relatives that can’t climb stairs. Is there an elevator?

Yes, we have an elevator! It allows access to the second level of the ship, and can be used by guests with wheelchairs or mobility concerns.

Can my guests go outside on the decks?

Guests are free to explore the whole of the ship, including the decks. They are also able to explore the cargo deck, and all of the passenger decks.

How long do we have the ship for?

The ship is yours from 12noon to 12midnight on the wedding day, with an extra hour for tear down  (until 1am). With the Early Bird Option, you are also able to board the ship ahead of the wedding day, to decorate, bring supplies, and ensure everything is perfect. Plus there will be have two hours the next day (from 9 am to 11am) so you can collect any left-over supplies or decorations.

Are there any hotels nearby for my guests?

There are lots of hotels and motels within easy walking distance of the ship.  Click here to see a visual map: Hotels Close to the SS Sicamous

What is expected in terms of clean up?

Please click here for details: After Midnight – The Pumpkin Hour

What time is last call?

Drink service stops at 12 midnight. Last call is 15 minutes to 30 minutes before this, to allow plenty of time for your guests to drink up. The last guest should exit the ship by 1am.

What is the price of a Wedding?

Wedding packages start at $3,400. This is for the entire day, and includes taxes and fees, as well as the Day-Of Wedding Coordinator Service (from Vines and Vows). Contact us for more details!

What does this price include?

Included in this price, you will the venue for the entire day (for the Wedding Ceremony and Reception). Tables, white wedding chairs and sound equipment are also included, and will be set up for you by the SS Sicamous Crew. The Day of Wedding Coordinator Service is also already included within this price. We don’t charge any surprise fees, and all of the quoted prices are inclusive of tax.

Are there any extra charges or fees that I should be aware of?

The only extra charges to consider are the liquor license ($25) and the event insurance (expect to pay between $125 and $300). Items such as linens and plates will need to be rented separately.

What are the wedding fees used for?

The SS Sicamous is operated by a registered non-profit organization called the SS Sicamous Society. We are dedicated to preserving the marine heritage of the Okanagan. The price of your wedding will go directly to helping us preserve and protect the ships for the future.

How do I book a tour?

We would be happy to set time aside to invite you for a personal tour of the SS Sicamous, to show you the ship and discuss your vision for your big day. Just send us a quick email, or give us a call at 250-492-0403.

How do I book a date?

  • Step 1: Please contact Jessie at the SS Sicamous. We will have a chat about your plans, and I can let you know about the availability for choosing your wedding date. We can also arrange a tour, so you and your family can see the venue in person!
  • Step 2: Place a deposit to confirm the date. The deposit is $1350, and we also ask for a damage deposit ($500) ahead of the Wedding . This will be returned one week after the wedding day.
  • Step 3: Read through and sign the Rental Agreement. The SS Sicamous will then officially be reserved for your wedding!

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