SS Okanagan Stern Saloon


The SS Okanagan – An Introduction

The SS Okanagan stern wheeler  was owned and operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). The vessel was constructed in 1906 at Okanagan Landing (Vernon) and launched in 1907, becoming the second steamship on Okanagan Lake. She linked the transportation hubs at both the north and south ends of Okanagan Lake. This helped the development of interior British Columbia; along with other steamships of the 1900s.

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With the construction of highways and railways, passenger service by boat was no longer needed and Okanagan spent her last years transporting freight and pushing barges. She was retired in 1934 and sold in 1938 to be dismantled for scrap and spare parts.

The Stern Saloon of the SS Okanagan

The ship was retired in 1934 and sold for scrap and spare parts. Only the Stern Saloon, a room in the back of the upper deck, remains. It was used as a beach hut, and spent many years in Vernon. The Stern Saloon was moved to the SS Sicamous Heritage Park in Penticton in 1992.

Arrival in Penticton

In 1992 the Ladies Saloon of the SS Okanagan was purchased by the Sicamous Society, and brought to rest in the Heritage Park. Restoration works are now underway. We have received a generous donation of $13,000 from the Oktoberfest Society, to put towards the restoration of the structure.