Restoring the SS Okanagan Stern Saloon


The Stern Saloon is the only surviving part of the SS Okanagan, a once large and luxurious paddle wheeler, which was launched 107 years ago. When not transporting passengers and cargo, the ship was used during the prohibition to host extravagant parties on the lake. When removed from service it was taken apart and sold for scrap, like many other vessels from this era. It was only by chance that this part has survived at all.

The SS Sicamous Restoration society was able to purchase the structure, and bring it back to the Heritage Park. No funding was available for further work, so the structure has remained more or less untouched.

A recent donation of $10,000 from the Oktoberfest Society means that work can resume: to stabilize the structure, improve interpretation and get it ready for the next stage of development!