Kettle Valley Railway

How to find the Kettle Valley Rail (KVR) Trail in Penticton

The Kettle Valley Rail (KVR) trail in the Okanagan Valley is a popular hiking destination for tourists and locals alike. Here is some practical information for hikers on the Penticton to Naramata section, including directions, general facts, weather, hazards, etiquette, what to bring, and photos.

Directions and a link to Google Maps:

The head of the KVR trail is in Penticton. From Vancouver Ave, turn into the Vancouver Place cul-de-sac, you will see a little gravel path, leading out to the Lake.  Below are directions from Google Maps from the S.S. Sicamous to the start of the KVR trail (if searching for the location on Google Maps, use the postcode V2A 1A7. Then change the mode of transport to “walking”, and the start of the trail will become visible)

How to find the KVR Trail

Maps for hiking or biking the Kettle Valley Rail Trail in the Okanagan Valley

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KVR Trail to Naramata

KVR Trail from Penticton to “the Little Tunnel”

KVR Trail from Penticton to Myra Canyon Trestles

KVR Trail from Naramata to Myra Canyon Trestles (Kelowna)

Kettle Valley Railway Trail – Princeton to Penticton

About the Kettle Valley Rail Trail

The trail is at an elevation of 598 meters (1955 feet) and is 20.6 km (12.8 miles). It can be a relaxing walk or bike ride with spectacular views. It takes about 3 hours to bike a round trip. It starts at Vancouver Place, Penticton, and ends at Smethurst Road, Naramata. The best season is May to October. Along the way, you will see panoramic views of Okanagan Lake, stop along the way at the many quaint, famous Okanagan vineyards, and tour beautiful Penticton and Naramata!


Printable Maps and Routes of the Kettle Valley Railway in the Okanagan

Courtesy of Penticton and Wine Country Visitor Centre

Full KVR Map to Hand Out 2014_Page_1Full KVR Map to Hand Out 2014_Page_2Full KVR Map to Hand Out 2014_Page_3Full KVR Map to Hand Out 2014_Page_4Full KVR Map to Hand Out 2014_Page_5

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