Elevator Allows Greater Access to Primary Museum Areas

The SS Sicamous has recently had an elevator installed, This means increased ease of access for guests with wheel chairs, and visitors who have difficulty with stairs. The elevator is an exterior structure, so construction did not alter the heritage site in any way. It can be found behind the ship, with a glass surround. A member of the crew will be happy to direct you through the museum, to reach the elevator, and will help you to operate it.  Unfortunately some of the original doorways on the upper levels are very narrow, and may pose a problem for larger wheel chairs (with a width of 27.5″ or greater). We encourage you to double check with the crew before your visit.

Because of the layout and build of the ship, we cannot allow larger power chairs to access the elevator or the second level. We do have a smaller, lightweight chair that can be used, if that is an option for the guest.

Below is map of wheel chair accessible areas. To view a virtual tour of each area, please click here.

This project was made possible by partial funding from the Government of Canada’s Enabling Accessibility Fund, and from the Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust. The supporting pier around the elevator was built by volunteers, who have invested many hours into seeing this project through.

Wheel Chair Access on the Cargo Deck (The Ground Level)

Over all the first level of the ship is wheel chair friendly. Wheel chair accessible ramps are placed at each door. Guests may have difficulty accessing the outer bow. Other problem areas will be: one side of the model railway, and viewing the crews quarters at the stern of the ship. A wheel chair accessible wash room is located on the ground level, towards the back of the ship.

The cargo deck is wheel chair friendly, with a wheel chair accessible wash room.

Wheel Chair Access on the Passenger Decks (Second Floor)

This level is accessed via the elevator, with the entrance in the dining saloon. This is a large open area where many of the events and receptions take place. The narrow door ways from this room may pose problems for larger wheel chairs. Please have a look at the map below, for a better illustration. Wheel chairs with a width of up to 27.5” will be able to pass through to the “yellow” areas without difficulty. We hope that your chair will be able to pass through. We are working on solutions for wider styles of chairs for this summer (2017). We will be purchasing an alternative wheel chair for guests to use. We are also looking to find special hinges that will allow the doors to be open flush with the wall, this will widen the opening by a few cm. We hope you will still come for a visit, as there is still lots to see. A member of the crew would be happy to take you on a tour of the vessel, and fill in any blanks that that the barriers create.

Map Showing Wheel Chair Access on the Second Level of the Museum

For help with visualizing the map, you may also want to explore with a virtual tour of the museum

Explore Inside the SS Sicamous

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